Samuel Pollard Institute

Photo pictures on the wall of our library show the progress and growing up of our students.

Last year, our 22 middle school students were transferred to attend the public middle school 20 miles away because the County Education Bureau’s consolidating educational resources policy. They had to walk there on their foot and stay there for the whole week. The worst thing for them is every student must pay about $30 dollars each month to the public school. Very soon, 17 among these 22 students dropped out. The remaining 5 students continue to go with our financial help. This coming fall, 20 more students from our school will face the same problem. For this reason, I went to talk to the director of the County Education Bureau two months ago and ask permission to start a technical training program for villagers at our school. Actually, I take this approach to provide an opportunity for our middle school students to continue their education at our school under such name because a technical program is restricted by the policy of consolidating educational resources. However, he is a good person. He told me, “If you submit a written report, I will bring it to the upper leadership and ask them to give you a permission.” Without any delay, I wrote a special report with detailed information and submitted to the government.

Every evening, our teachers study Bible together and pray together.

However, one week later, I was told by the director of the County Education Bureau, “We can not issue you a permission because the central government is worrying the possible spreading of Jasmine Revolution in China and order every level of government to prevent any possible social incident which could cause unstable situations.” I said to him, “Jasmine Revolution? Our tribal people behind the mountains never know such Jasmine Revolution. I only care for our students.” He responded, “The central government doesn’t hope Jasmine Revolution taking place in China, so we have to follow the upper authority. About your technical education program, at this moment the best thing we can do is don’t ask don’t tell. This means you don’t ask permission from us, we won’t tell what you should do, and we pretend we do know what you are going to do.” As a teacher, I said to myself, “I should give him a good grade for giving me such answer.” Thank the Lord, we will be able to run our middle school program continuously this fall!

Our teachers are singing traditional hymns at village chapel.

On the first day of our spring semester, in the morning, two students were playing at our school. One boy (Xueyin) was hit at one of his eyes and seriously injured by another boy (Shaohua) unintentionally. Children were scared and teachers were shocked. Another teacher and I and both students parents brought Xueyin by using a horse cart on the mountain road to the nearest hospital which is 30 kilometers away. After a simple treatment, we decided to bring him Xueyin to see a specialist in an eye hospital in Kunming the provincial capital where is 150 kilometers away next day. On the following day, after the examination by the eye specialist, we were told the cut in Xueyin’s eye is deep and seriously. There was no better treatment and we were told that the injure should be cured first. In the following several weeks, we brought Xuyin back to Kunming a few times.

Xueyin's Home

Unfortunately, Xueyin’s sight never fully came back. His parenets were deeply stressed because they worry about how Xueyin can live in this mountain tribal village with only one eye. Since this happened before we started the first class and was not involved in any school activities, our school is not responsible legally for this incident. But, not only both boys’ are from very poor families. Xueyin’s parent think Shaohua’s parents should be responsible for this. The sad story is that Shaohua’s brother, who was a student of ours before, died of heart failure last year at home. After experiencing such tragedy, his parents had not recovery emotionally and psychologically. They were afraid that Xueyin’s parents will insist them to pay a high money, so they quietly left the village and hid themselves somewhere. Under such circumstance, someone told Xueyin’s parents that if they make a lawsuit against our school, the court probably will make our school to pay them a big money to compensate Xueyin’s eye injury. This really has put our school in a very difficult situation. Till the last day before we closed school for summer, Xueyin’s parents told us that they want to go to the court and file a lawsuit against our school and Shaohua’s parents for their son’s injury. Since this incident happened, we have covered all medical and transportation expenses because the poverty of both families. Deep in my heart, I pray that Xueyin can regain his sight graduately, Xueyin’s parents will have a heart of forgiveness, Shaohua’s parents can return back home from hiding. Indeed, Shaohua’s parents lost one of their children last year. They need our sympathy. I pray that the Lord of mercy will bring these two families and our school together in Jesus’ love. The good sign is Xueyin’s injured eye now has a 0.5 degree of sight on a scale of 0.1 to 1.5.

Shaohua's Home

College graduates usually desire a good career in big city and find an ideal girl friend or boy friend for future marriage. It is a sacrifice for them to make a decision to come to this remote mountain area and work here for several years in an isolated tribal village. For this reason, from time to time, I tell them, “I don’t expect you to work here for three years because I do not want you miss your opportunity to find an spouse.” As a matter of fact, in the past, most young teachers only stay for one year. However, we have four teachers have stayed for two years because two young male teachers have developed a romantic relationship with two female teachers. After two academic semesters, they talked to me and told me to provide counseling before their engagement. Of course, I am very pleased to see they want to make a marriage commitment. At the same time, I have never prepared to be a pre-marriage counselor. This is quite a big challenge for me. I joke myself to them, “You know I am a single-parent with hundred kids, do you still want me to be a pre-marriage counselor to you?” They told me, “Teacher Wang, we trust you.” Well, they trust me but I know I am not prepared. What should I do? I read a few titles about marriage counseling in English before, but it is difficult to find pre-marriage counseling books in Chinese for them to read. Eventually I get an idea. Find a Christian pre-marriage seminar for young people, bring all of our teachers for training. Two times, eight of our teachers went to Kunming where is 150 kilometers away for pre-marriage counseling. Now, one couple has officially engaged. Another couple is going to engage soon. Pray the Lord bless their future marriage.

Try to be a pre-marriage counselor


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  1. cyuke
    Mar 24, 2015 @ 05:18:57

    Wenzong, God bless you for your vision, compassion, sacrifice, faithfulness, and persevering dedication. Glad to know of your great service to God and to the poorest in China after all these years.
    God’s richest blessings on you and your ministry.
    Carol Yuke


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